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Are there different types of huddles? 

Yes. There are a few:

  • Regular Huddles (aka Peer Huddles): Moderated discussions among a matched group of 10-15 B2B CMOs about current marketing challenges. Here, CMOs can share what’s worked and what hasn’t in a completely private, safe space of peers. We offer multiple regular huddles each month to suit huddlers’ busy schedules.
  • Bonus Huddles: Q&As with an expert about specific B2B marketing topics. Huddlers are invited to ask questions throughout the conversation.
  • Career Huddles: Q&As to get guidance from experts on B2B CMO career development. 
  • Lunch / Dinner Huddles: Huddler cohorts gather together and meet face-to-face. Currently testing in Silicon Valley, Boston, and DC. 
  • Transition Team Huddles: Sharing with CMOs in transition. 

Are all the huddles virtual? 

Yes. CMO Huddles started during the pandemic as a way for B2B CMOs to connect and solve urgent challenges. Virtual huddles make it easier for CMOs to attend regardless of location. Stay tuned though, we are starting in-person huddles on a test basis right now.

Who moderates the huddles? 

Huddles are moderated by Drew Neisser, CMO coach, and leading B2B marketing expert. Drew founded CMO Huddles in 2020 and has interviewed over 500 CMOs for his podcast, articles, and books, including his second book, Renegade Marketing: 12 Steps to Building Unbeatable B2B Brands. Drew was also an active member of The CMO Club from its founding to its purchase by Salesforce.

Who determines the topics of the huddles?

For Peer Huddles, the monthly topics are overseen by our board of advisors and typically rotate between demand generation, brand building, and leadership issues. The first 15 minutes of regular huddles focus on pressing topics to ensure we’re always in the moment.

For Bonus Huddles, we gather ideas from huddlers every day on Slack, via email, 1:1s, and during the pressing topics portion of regular huddles. Then we seek out experts who can provide practical, actionable, and proven tips for approaching a particular challenge.

Are the huddles recorded for listening later? 

Regular huddles are recorded ONLY for the purposes of creating more useful recaps. Some Bonus Huddles are released later as podcasts; the same is true for other various Huddles. In certain circumstances, we can grant you access to Bonus Huddle content ahead of public release.


My schedule is already crazy, how much time is this going to take?

With a million and one responsibilities, it really is impossible to outwork this job—that’s why successful CMOing is about working smarter, not harder. CMO Huddles is designed to be a force multiplier, helping you to make faster, better, and more informed decisions. Making the commitment to just one inspired hour a month with CMO Huddles will deliver 10 hours of perspiration saved.

Will I still get my money’s worth if I miss a couple of huddles? 

Yes. In fact, most huddlers attend only 2 huddles each quarter but still get 10x value. Every week, we send a pithy weekly recap summarizing the key takeaways and best insights from the most recent huddle—and you can access all of these on our website by date and/or by topic.

To help you address your pressing issues, we arrange 1:1s with fellow B2B CMOs who’ve been there and solved for that. CMO Huddles Founder, Drew Neisser, is available for 1:1 coaching sessions. Your subscription also grants you access to our ever-expanding resource library, always-on Slack channel, an approved vendor network, and a wide range of exclusive PR opportunities.

Do companies or the CMOs themselves usually pay for this? 

Over 95% of subscriptions are covered by the company under professional development or consulting. Because we are dedicated to helping CMOs do their jobs better, CMO Huddles is truly a strategic partner for B2B organizations looking to grow, making your company’s investment well worth the price. If you need to request approval from your CEO, we have a justification letter that’s worked like a charm.

How much does it cost? 

The monthly fee is $350. You can save $700 with an annual subscription of $3500.


How do huddlers get to know each other? 

In addition to meeting one another during huddles, our subscribers also have direct access to our member database and Slack channel. We also make introductions for 1:1s on behalf of huddlers looking to talk to someone who has solved a specific challenge they may be facing.

How active is the Slack channel? 

The CMO Huddles Slack channel is alive and well. About half of the huddlers are active users, asking and answering questions on a regular basis. If a question goes unanswered over a 48-hour period, the CMO Huddles staff will respond, either with an immediate answer or with a commitment to track one down.

Here are just a few ways CMOs can make use of Slack:

  • Ask for insights into specific marketing strategies
  • Ask for vendor/agency recommendations
  • Share open CMO positions
  • Post resumes of vetted, qualified job seekers

Do you support the personal brands of CMOs? 

With a wide range of exclusive PR opportunities, including videos, podcasts, and articles, CMO Huddles will help build awareness and recognition for you and your company.

Huddles Subscribers

What type of CMOs join? 

CMO Huddles is for the B2B CMO who recognizes that none of us is as smart as all of us and is looking to connect with a diverse group of highly-effective peers. Huddlers are committed CMOs looking to transform their organizations via marketing-led growth and are just as willing to give as to get. Curiosity is also a crucial part of the CMO Huddles community—if you think you have all the answers to being a marketer, then this probably isn’t the place for you.

Is it only for B2B CMOs? 

Currently, all our subscribers are B2B marketers and we will continue to operate B2B-only huddles for the foreseeable future. 

How are the huddles organized? 

Huddles are roughly organized by business size (Huddle A is mainly start-ups, Huddle C is mainly large enterprises), but each month there is a fair amount of huddle switching. Invites are sent straight to your inbox and CMO Huddles staff will work with you (and/or your admin) to find a huddle date each month that clears your calendar.

What do you do about direct competitors? 

If a subscriber has a direct competitor they’d rather not have in their huddle, we do our best to keep each on a separate schedule.

Do you have any support for my direct reports? 

While CMO Huddles is exclusively for executive-level heads of marketing, their direct reports are more than welcome to attend our Bonus Huddles.

What if I’m in between roles? 

If you’re not currently a CMO, you can join the CMO Huddles Transition Team. The Transition Team meets once a month and is a free service to CMOs in between roles.

Are agencies allowed to join CMO Huddles? 

Definitely not. CMO Huddles is a safe space for B2B CMOs to talk about all things CMOing without the worry of being sold to. We do maintain a growing vendor network for huddlers looking for vetted agencies, but agencies themselves do not have access to huddlers' contact information or to the huddles themselves.

What about companies who market to marketers? 

The CMO Huddles community includes a handful of amazing B2B CMO who also happen to market to marketers. All of them understand before joining that they are there as CMOs, to share, care and dare each other to greatness!

CMO Huddles is a DBA of Renegade, LLC. 1397 2nd Ave #177, New York, NY 10021

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