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Humans Outperform AI in Content Creation, But Collaboration Shows Promise

A recent study by CMO Huddles, Marketing Insider Group, and pitched humans against AI in content creation. The results? Human articles garnered 3x the site traffic and boosted search rankings more than AI-generated pieces. However, AI's speed advantage, producing content in 1/3 of the time, is undeniable and makes working with these tools irresistible.

60 blog posts were created for the study—20 by humans, 20 by AI, and 20 AI-generated but human-edited—over ten weeks on The primary performance metrics included search visibility, keyword rankings, site traffic, and content creation time.

For B2B marketers, while AI can accelerate content drafting, its standalone quality lags. Human oversight remains crucial for quality assurance while human insights are required for differentiation. What’s the optimal approach? Merging AI's efficiency with human expertise.


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